About SpringerParker

SpringerParkers artworks are subtle and sometimes mysterious stories that are presented in a broad spectrum of media ranging from photography to live performances. The visual expression of the work echoes the intensive study of photography in the early stages of their artistic career. Today the artists freely "scout through sound and images" embracing the collision and intersection of both analog and digital processes in their experimental work. SPs compositions with their highly organic quality are the result of their own way of sculpting and layering of sound material and of the artists particular method to conduct and melt together independent spheres and patterns. Time, transience and memory are recurrent key themes in SPs examinations in which they intertwine abstract expressions with narrative motifs. This work with its unusual visual and acoustic character fascinates and creates a state of contemplation that is noticed by the beholder who always brings along his/her own narratives.


Springer born in Oldenburg, i. H./ Germany
Parker born in Cuxhaven / Germany
SpringerParker live and work
in Haldern / Germany (Springer) and Guangzhou / China (Parker)

From 1993 – 2005 SpringerParker were collaborating under the name "candela2"

2011 they founded the record label "Butterfly Collectors"


2019 - present (Parker)

Full time Foreign Expert / Professor New Media Art
at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts / Department New Media Art, Guangzhou / China

2016 - 2019 (Parker)

Full time Foreign Expert / Professor New Media Art
at the Sichuan University / College of Art, Chengdu / China

2002 – 2004 (Parker)

Research Associate at the School of Arts and Design Kassel.
Teaching in the field of visual communication (Film, Video, New Media),
research into the fields of audiovisual narrative structures.

2000 – 2003 (Springer)

Research Associate at the School of Arts and Design Kassel.
Teaching in the field of visual communication (Video, New Media, Internet),
research into the fields of audiovisual narrative structures.

2003 (Springer) (Parker)

MA Visual Communication, University Kassel - School of Arts and Design.

2000 (Springer) (Parker)

MA Fine Arts, University Kassel - School of Arts and Design.

Publications / TV / Radio coverage

[Radio] "Memoria Norway" at NRK radio (Norway), Kulturnytt,Feb. 5, 2010
[TV] "Memoria Norway" at NRK 1/2(Norway), Safari programme, Dec. 01/02 , 2009
[CAT.] "Permafrost", Florae" in ANTArctica exhibition catalogue,
with a text by Tone Lyngstad-Nyaas
[MAG.] "Memoria Norway" in Berlin vis-à-vis magazine IV/2009
[MAG.] "On Broadway" in copyright magazin No. 7 (2009)
Here, there and anywhere ... Von Geistern, Hologrammen und anderen Abwesenheiten
(ISSN: 1439-7730)
[BOOK] "Girlfriend So Purple" in Wurzeln, Hrg. Petra Rietz, published by Kerber Verlag 2008
(ISBN 978-3-86678-218-1) with a text by Christina Tilmann.
[MAG.] "On Broadway" in Photography Now, 3rd Quarter 2008, with a text by Marc Peschke.

Exhibitions / Screenings / Performances (selection)


Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art - “Memoria Norway” group show, Guangzhou | China


Sichuan University/Dujiangyan Gov. - “Magic Mountain” - Mount Qingcheng | China
Galerie Kosmetiksalon Babett - The 7th Sense (group show) - Berlin | Germany
Kasseler Kunstverein: LEBENSWEGE - Rob Scholte Klasse - Kassel | Germany
Kasseler Kunstverein: 25 Jahre Kasseler Kunstpreis Dr. Wolfgang-Zippel-Stiftung - Kassel | Germany
Huangjia Grand Courtyard, Dujiangyan: How to cut a long story short, A new media experimental art project - Chengdu | China


Städtische Galerie Nordhorn: WOANDERS - Bilder vom Reisen, group exhibition,
Nordhorn | Germany


Post Carbone : 12 artistes face au climat - with: Anti, David Buckland, Olafur Eliasson, Élise Morin, Lucy + Jorge ORTA, SpringerParker, The Polyfloss Factory, Lionel Sabatté, Yann Toma. - Curated by Alice Audouin and Vanessa Vancutsem - Paris | France


6th European Month of Photography Berlin: "Upheavels And Utopias. The Other Europe"
with Petra Rietz Salon Galerie - Berlin | Germany
Ostrale'014, 8th International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts - Dresden | Germany
Museum für Fotografie/Museum of Photography, »Aus-Schnitte« - Berlin | Germany
Klangland 14, "Nachhall" - Kassel | Germany


Petra Rietz Salon Galerie, "NY" - Berlin | Germany
Barents Spektakel - “The Finnmark Diaries” - Kirkenes | Norway [ live ]


Preview Art fair Berlin - Works from the Memoria Norway Cycle – Berlin | Germany
"A Momentary Lapse", Gallery Weekend, in co-operation with Petra Rietz Salon Galerie
and Kulturbüro Sophien, St. Johannes-Evangelist-Curch, Berlin | Germany

"There Are Places In Our Heads One Can Travel To", a contemporary dance opera
Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes| Norway [ live ]


Kunstnernes Hus Oslo "Gentle Actions", Memoria Norway documentation, Oslo | Norway
German Norwegian Network Meeting (GNN), Essen | Germany [ live ]
Memoria Norway - Norway Tour 01, Finnmark:
Stabbursdalen, Kautokeino, Alta, Tana, Båtsfjord, Vadsø [ live ]
Murmansk Art Museum, Murmansk | Russia [ live ]
Barents Spektakel - Visionary Artic Conference, Kirkenes | Norway [ live ]
Barents Spektakel - Cutting Edge Arctic Concert, Kirkenes | Norway [ live ]
Petra Rietz Salon Galerie/ Showroom, Berlin | Germany
MARTa, Herford | Germany [ live ]


Memoria Norway - Artistic Exploration - Autumn (w. Goethe-Institut)
Klangland 09,Sound art group show, Kunsttempel, Kassel | Germany
"ANTarctica" group show,Haugar Art Museum, Tønsberg | Norway
Memoria Norway - Artistic Exploration - Summer (w. Goethe-Institut)
Petra Rietz Salon Galerie/ Showroom, Berlin | Germany
Memoria Norway - Artistic Exploration - Winter (w. Goethe-Institut)


Mainzer Kunstpreis Eisenturm 2008, Mainz | Germany
Nordic Embassies "Felleshus", Berlin | Germany
Kunsttempel, "Klangland", Kassel | Germany
General Public, Berlin | Germany
Internationales Film & Videofestival “One Minute”, Aarau | Switzerland
The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin | Germany
New Life Berlin Festival, Urban Space 08, Berlin | Germany
"Project ©7", Copyright Projectspace, Berlin | Germany
Digital Media 1.0, La Nau, Valencia | Spain


"arte mobile", Florence | Italy
Petra Rietz Salon Galerie ,Berlin | Germany
TESLA, Berlin | Germany [ live ]
FILE Festival, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil


INTERFACE - Festival for music and related arts "Immersion 4", Berlin | Germany [ live ]
Kulturbahnhof / Südflügel: "arte mobile", Kassel | Germany
FILE Festival, Sao Paulo | Brazil


Museum for Sepulcral Culture, Kassel | Germany [ live ]
Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg | Germany [ live ]
Montevideo, Amsterdam | The Netherlands [ live ]
Media Art Festival Thailand, Thailand
FILE Festival, Sao Paulo | Brazil


Museum Ludwig, Cologne | Germany
6E Biennial Champ Libre, Désert, Montrèal | Canada
Film des Forets, Chateau du Magnet | France
Den Haag Film and Video Festival, Den Haag | The Netherlands
KLAK, Klangmuseum Kassel | Germany [ live ]
Dokumentarfilm und Videofest Kassel, Kassel | Germany [ live ]


Video Lisboa - ZDB Gallery, Lisbon | Portugal [ live ]
Essen Elektronisch, with Thomas Koener - Zeche Zollverein, Essen | Germany [ live ]
Sculpture Musicale, with Thomas Koener / Porter Ricks - Podewil, Berlin | Germany [ live ]


The Room Of Secondary Light, 20 improvised concerts, Reiss Hotel, Kassel | Germany [ live ]


MMK, Frankfurt | Germany


Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel | Germany
Neuer Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg | Germany
Dokumentarfilm und Videofest Kassel, Kassel | Germany
Künstlerfest Kassel, Kassel | Germany


Hoftheater Eremitage, St. Petersburg | Russia


Dokumentarfilm und Videofest Kassel, Kassel | Germany
European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Osnabrück | Germany


European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Osnabrück | Germany

1993 - 1996

[ Mainly photographic works and exhibitions ]



Goethe-Institute – Memoria Norway Project


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – "Memoria Norway" Tour


Mainzer Kunstpreis Eisenturm 2008
(Art award Mainz Eisenturm 2008)


Grant of a DAAD scholarship


3rd prize at the FILE Festival, Sao Paulo | Brazil


Kasseler Kunstpreis der Dr. Wolfgang Zippel – Stiftung
(Art award Kassel, Dr. Wolfgang Zippel-Foundation)
Robert Völker Preis der Stadt Kassel
( Robert Völker Art award of the city of Kassel)


Axis Mundi-Internet Award of German Art Academies

Curatorial work


Jury Backup Award, Backup Festival - New Media in Film, Weimar | Germany
Curation of the DVD/CD-Rom/Internetprojects for the
European Media Art Festival (EMAF) Osnabrück | Germany

1999 – 2002

Curation of the CD-Rom/Internetprojects for the
European Media Art Festival (EMAF) Osnabrück | Germany


Co- Curation of the Student Forum Exhibition

for the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück | Germany


Co-curation Dialog Spaces, film+arc, Graz | Austria

Organizational work

1999 – 2002

Assistance / consulting for Documenta11: web + digital media


Artistic / technical concept and direction of the “DIGITAL ARENA” Event – Kassel


Assistance / consulting / coordination of the Kunsthochschule Kassel Team
for a production for EXPO 2000
Assistance / consulting / coordination Biennial of Media and Architecture
(former film+arc), Graz (1997-1999)